Corcoran Development Services focuses on a number of sectors within the planning and development industry.

Housing Projects


CDS Planning have an enviable track record of supporting people and organisations through navigating the planning process and securing planning consent for new homes across the United Kingdom.

Commerical Projects


Working with commercial operators and supporting clients through developing opportunities to improve their business. CDS has experience of obtaining planning permission for new office, industrial and warehousing developments.

Community Projects


CDS have worked with many community groups supporting clients for new and improved community operations, including new care homes, child nurseries, gymnasium and religious organisations.



Supporting landowners and prospective land promoters in increasing land values through planning gain. Preparing clear and diligent strategies that will assist clients with careful decision making.

Retail Projects

Retail & Leisure

CDS operate in the retail and leisure space. Matthew has previously worked for large leisure organisations such as Holmes Place Health Clubs as well as other smaller leisure and retail operators.

Regeneration Projects


Supporting private and public sector clients who own large brownfield sites with providing strategic planning advice to help create new places for people to live and work.

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